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It’s the picture-perfect night; you are cuddled up by the fire wrapped in a blanket, but all of a sudden, the fire goes out. You know this is about to be quite an ordeal requiring you to get firewood for the fireplace and attempting to light them. You’ll have splintered wood on your shirt – not to mention all the soot. You’ll need a shower again after getting the fire lit! You vow to get a gas fireplace; you don’t want any more of this hauling firewood, lighting and showering to take away from your picturesque moments.

Don’t get the wrong idea, there are pros to having a wood burning fireplace, but there are also down sides. The biggest ones are the smoke, ash and firewood storage. Cleaning the ash from the fireplace regularly and hauling and storing wood can be tiresome and hard work. You also have to be careful of the smoke and be sure it is drawing up the chimney correctly or it can be hazardous.

The process of installing a gas fireplace is pretty straight forward. While gas fireplaces don’t require a chimney, they do require running a gas line to the location of your fireplace. After that, your fireplace is simply vented to an external wall or roof vent.

Gas fireplaces are easy to use as it only takes the flip of a switch or push of a button to have your fireplace lit and heat emitting all over the room. Even in the middle of a power outage, most models are designed to allow manual lighting to keep the fire going.

If you’re still not ready to give up your wood burning fireplace, but you do want something a little cleaner and still gives the allure of the warmth and nostalgia a wood burning stove may be something to look into. Wood burning stoves don’t give off the emissions that wood burning fireplaces do, but they still look beautiful and heat large or small spaces.

No matter what you choose, our professional sales team at Modern Gas is here to help you find what fits your needs. We are able to install wood and gas burning fireplaces, along with wood burning stoves and wooden fireplace inserts. We also have a large variety of log inserts to choose from for those who prefer a gas fireplace. Stop by today and let us answer any questions you may have.