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May is the month parents live for! The jam-packed school schedules are about to be eclipsed by the lazy days of summer – but even the summer days require some sort of planning to ensure the home still runs efficiently and the kiddos don’t get (too) bored. Never fear! We have some tips.

Keep a Summer Schedule
We know, we know! You want to ditch the confinements of the schedule you’ve had for the past nine months. While that’s tempting, consider modifying the schedule instead. For example, if bedtime during school is 8 p.m. sharp, make summer bedtime one hour later or allow the kids to only sleep one hour extra in the mornings.

Stock the Pantry and Fridge
Kids at home mean hungry kids at home! So plan healthy snacks into your menu and organize them where kids have access to them without needing constant adult supervision. Most of the premade snacks come in bulk and are individually packaged. For fresh fruit and veggies, simply wash, cut, and store in snack-sized Ziploc bags in the refrigerator.

Plan Field Trips
Once or twice a week, take a family field trip! There are so many options to choose from during the summer: a local farm to pick berries, a nearby splash pad to cool off, visit a zoo, take regular trips to your local library or even head to the beach for a day. If you need ideas, check with your local convention and visitor’s bureau to ask about resources near you.

Keep Activities at Home
There will always be days when activities outside the home are not possible. For those days, make sure you have activities available at home. A simple internet search provides ideas for backyard fun, from spike ball to life-sized Jenga! Of course, there’s also nothing like a good old-fashioned water sprinkler!

Assign Chores
It might not be the fun your kids have in mind, but summer is a great time to teach kids home maintenance skills. Consider making a chore chart for each member of the family. Tasks like putting away clean dishes, sorting laundry, sweeping or vacuuming, and taking out the trash are simple chores most everyone can do.

Modern Gas loves our community and the families who live here. We hope you have a fun, happy, and safe summer!