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Spring will be here before you know it, so now is the time to begin thinking about an outdoor space at your home. When it comes to outdoor living spaces, the possibilities are endless. You can create a great space on any size budget. Then, in just a few steps, you can be well on your way.

Decide the function of the space
Before you begin, you need to decide how to use your outdoor space. Will it be primarily a family gathering spot, or will you entertain larger numbers of people? This will help you determine the amount and type of seating you need. For those who enjoy cooking outdoors, it might be time to invest in building an outdoor kitchen. Enjoy rest and relaxation? A spa might be the perfect addition.

Find the indoor connection
Outdoor living spaces should have a seamless transition from inside your house to the outside. Consider the textiles and finishes in your home and how you can incorporate them outside. For example, if the theme of your indoor décor is rustic, a large wooden farmhouse dining table with industrial-style chairs would be a great choice.

Create a floor, ceiling, and walls
If you are creating your space from scratch, select flooring that shows some character to set the area apart – such as blocked concrete or specialty outdoor tile. For existing spaces, simply adding the perfect outdoor rug will work! Be sure to purchase one large enough for your furniture.

A covered outdoor living space creates intimacy and can be accomplished easily by adding a canopy of outdoor lights or a pergola with trailing ivy. In addition, trellises, plants, or shrubbery can function as walls.

Final finishes 
The final step to completing your outdoor living space is to bring in the furniture, extra lighting, and decoration. When it comes to seating, make sure comfort and the number of seats is top of mind. Also, consider the durability of the upholstery you select, as it will weather all four seasons.

Modern Gas has everything you need to create your outdoor living space. Our team of professionals is here to help design a custom outdoor kitchen, select the perfect patio furniture or help create ambiance with fire pits – and more. Visit our showroom to learn how to build your outdoor living space just in time for spring and summer!