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Every year, each home should be prepped for the cooking season of the holidays by filling all tanks with propane, scheduling inspections for propane appliances and reviewing all of the cooking and grilling tools and parts to ensure everything is in best and safest working condition. 

Use this checklist to prepare your home for the holidays, from Halloween to Christmas!

Inspections: Schedule appointments on days and at times when someone is home to oversee and review best practices for maintaining propane appliances and tanks. 

Propane Tanks: Set a day on the calendar to check these each quarter, beginning with October 1st or 15th – set a reoccurring alarm on your smart phone! 

Inventory: Check appliances, utensils, condiments, spices and serving items to ensure that you have everything you need before it comes down to the week of each holiday. 

Recipes gathered: Think about family traditions and special occasions beforehand so that you can reach out to grandmothers, mothers, etc. for those family favorites, and plan and prepare new recipes ahead of time for a trial run – the chef is under less pressure with new dishes if they’ve been tested! 

Schedule with family: Get family and friend celebrations planned on the calendar and organized early so that expectations are clear and plans can be settled in advance.

Prep ahead: Make your menu in advance and prepare any special decorations and table settings.

Clean Up: Schedule days to clean in advance of guest’s arrival so that the day of the holiday isn’t stressful or rushed at the last minute

Last Pass: Walk through your home as though you are a guest, from your arrival in the driveway to a tour of the home, using the restroom, enjoying the outside spaces, etc. Take notes as you walk through, making sure that all areas are tidy and clean, smell fresh, are well stocked and organized. Guests will appreciate your hospitality and extra care!