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Take a break from the summer heat outside by freshening things up on the inside! Here are a few tips to save time and energy around the house.


  • Quickly soften a stick of butter by cutting it into cubes and letting it sit out for 10 minutes.
  • Having an ice cream party? Wrap the carton in bubble wrap to keep it cool while out of the freezer!
  • Stop cheese from sticking to the grater by spraying the grater with olive oil before using.
  • Make a big-batch baking cooling rack by setting up your ironing board and removing the cover.
  • Remember to put a layer of parchment paper or pans between the rack and the fresh baked goods.
  • Add a carrot to tomato sauce as it cooks to cut the acidity by peeling a whole carrot and adding it to the simmering sauce. Remove before serving.
  • Shred chicken quickly with a stand mixer’s paddle attachment. Simply place warm, cooked boneless chicken in the mixer and turn on until desired shredded texture is reached.
  • Make herbs last longer in the refrigerator by trimming the stems and placing in a cup of shallow water and covering with the plastic bag that came from the grocery.
  • Try mess-free melting by using the wrapper from each stick of butter to cover your glass measuring cup you microwave the butter in – no more splatter!
  • Repurpose your pizza cutter to chop or slice herbs in any direction.
  • Rescue an over-salted soup by slicing an apple or potato and simmering in the soup for 10 minutes. Remove and discard, then the flavor should be back to normal!


  • Use damp microfiber cloths on stainless steel to clean without chemicals.
  • Use your vacuum cleaner to clean kitchen cabinets – get those crumbs and any dust out quickly with the brush attachments.
  • Freshen your garbage disposal by freezing freshly squeezed lemon juice, rock salt and water in ice cube trays. Drop a few cubes in and run the disposal until the ice is gone.
  • Clean your oven with a homemade spray consisting of 1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup white vinegar, and ½ cup of baking soda. Spray the cool oven, avoiding all heating elements, and wipe with a plush cloth. You can even put your oven racks in the bathtub with powdered laundry detergent then rinse clean with water to return them to their original shine.
  • Bring old baking sheets back to life with a mixture of baking soda sprinkled on then a few sprays of hydrogen peroxide. Wipe clean after a few hours for restored baking sheets!


  • Use a cooking caddy to store frequently used spices and oils to save on counter space!
  • When planning a kitchen renovation, build some appliances into the island to give you more room for cabinets or open shelving.
  • Place dividers in each drawer to keep things organized in the kitchen, especially your most used items!
  • Turn one shelf into two with wire shelf risers in your cabinets – stack dishes and containers to fit more in each shelf.
  • Organize your pantry like a store with the oldest items in front and labels for clear glass jars with dry goods.

Happy Organizing!